Camp H2O Pool Rules

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To keep it safe and fun for everyone...
Our "Rules to Live By" at Atlanta Swim Academy

If you have any questions about these rules - or don't understand the reasoning behind any of them - please feel free to call our swim director at 770-973-3120. We do expect you to abide by them.

  1. Do not feed your camper a minimum of 1 hour before camp. Campers will begin their day in the pool, and eating before exercising is never recommended.
  2. If your camper is sick, please do not bring them to camp. Campers who become ill at camp will be moved to a quiet area and receive the necessary attention until parents can be notified. Every attempt needs to be made to pick up your child as soon as possible to protect the health and well being of your child and others. If your child's illness prevents them from attending any other days of camp, a doctor's note must be presented to withdraw. There are NO refunds given for ANY reason.
  3. Please inform the counselors of any allergies or medical conditions your camper has. While we take measures to ensure that counselors are informed of medical issues, it is always nice to hear it from the parent, especially if medication must be administered by a counselor in the event of an emergency.
  4. We have a zero tolerance policy for aggressive behavioral problems during camp. Aggressive behavior towards other campers will result in immediate removal from the pool. Continual behavioral problems will result in removal from camp.
  5. As a precaution we may clear all pools of swimmers during thunderstorm activity. It is at our discretion whether or not we pull campers out of the water until the weather has cleared. Our rule is: If we hear and see it, we must stop until clear. Our pool is triple grounded for extra safety, but we must still err on the side of caution. We cannot predict the weather, so your cooperation is expected and greatly appreciated.
  6. Campers cannot be dropped off earlier than 8:30am and cannot be picked up later than 5:00pm. Please escort your child into the building each morning. If you cannot pick up your child from camp, please make arrangements for someone else to pick up and notify us immediately. Children are not allowed to go home with anyone except authorized persons. A late fee of $10 plus $1 per minute will be imposed to the credit card used at the time of registration if campers are not picked up by 5:00pm.


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