Time Trials

Time Trials

10 September 2016

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Atlanta Swim Academy

Swim Team Time Trials
This is for Swim Team and SwimFIT who have signed up to swim meets

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Superlatives from the ASA Time Trials meet 9-10-16

Whopper Droppers!
BZ1 – Carley Vreeland  25 fly  13.27
BZ2 – Roman Pumpelly  50 free  15.64
SLV – Jack Xu  25 fly  18.61
GLD – Ayden Guinn  100 IM  14.65
SR – Nate Smith  25 fly  22.14

100% Best Times
Trevor Arndt
Nikoletta Bardwell
Nicholas Baumann
Wally Christman
Chase Cooper
Davis Cutter
Hannah Drilling
Evan Faber
Ryan Fogel
Matthew Frias
Diya George
Hunter Giadino
Sydney Godoy
Danielle Greenwood
Ayden Guinn
John Hovsepian
Katelyn Hua
Emily Jasrotia
Sara Jasrotia
Ian Jewell
Dakota Kim
Riya Kinnarkar
Navya Kumar
Nicole Luong
Grace Moor
Mackenzie Nicholaou
Remy O'Connell
Charlotte O'Neill
Lily Osborn
Matthew Pappalardo
Hannah Papst
Claire Petersen
Roman Pumpelly
Leo Roden
Sadie Rosenthal
Anish Sankuratri
Marisa Sapre
Lillian Sears
Abi Simon
Sydney Smith
Ava Snapper
Evan Stallard
Elena Torgerson
Maya Tulchinsky
Ron Tulchinsky
Aarsha Tummala
Aaruhya Tummala
Yashas Veedhular
Maddie Vova
Henry Wilkerson
Louise Williams
Carson Wisehart
Isabelle Witteveen
Anna Worsley
Mark Worsley
Evan Xu
Jack Xu
Jerry Xu
Caitlyn Ymbras
Matthew Zerbenski


Saturday September 10th
Warm Ups:
Senior and Gold 8-9am
Bronze and Silver 10am *We need to be done by 1pm for swim lessons to start*

50 Free, 50 Back, 50 Breast, 100 IM- if time permits

This meet is free of charge, it is considered practice for the day.

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