ASA has far exceeded our expectations since our daughter joined the team 2 seasons ago. She was looking for a sport and decided to try a year round swim team; we all liked the options of days to choose from. She quickly went from 2 to 3, to now 4 days a week and it still works great with our family schedule. She loves the sport, the coaches and her teammates, and the swim team has done wonders for her in so many different areas. Her progression continues to amaze us. As parents, we love the flexibility of the team and how it is maturing to suit the older swimmer's needs. We also can't speak highly enough of  Coach Shields and his coaching staff and how they treat each swimmer as an individual. Well done, ASA!

Heather L

J. Baptista
Member Since 2010, Group Lessons

"Being together with Julia as she develops her skills is an amazing experience!"

Jaime B


We LOVE coach Dwight. He is amazing instructor. We hope that James will have him on next level too. We feel like our child have fast progress and also fun. ASA have place for everyone. Levels are great. James learn backstroke, he knows how to make bubbles, he knows how to kick his legs!


James & Family, Member since January '15

My son joined the ASA swim team 2 years ago at age 9. He was welcomed and encouraged from the very first day. He is not a natural athlete, but gives his all and the coaches have been amazing in helping him set goals and being extremely supportive. This year at age 11, he really wanted to step up his game. The coaches noticed this and fostered his momentum. They allowed him to go to an away meet and swim with the blue level which fueled his desire to improve. They also encouraged him to swim long races and races that are more challenging for him. In result, Noah completed the IMX challenge in March. I have honestly never seen him so proud. He worked long and hard and has already set his sights on his next goal. The coaches were instrumental in him meeting this goal and we can not thank them enough. He now wants to swim more days a week AND wants to go practice on his own at the aquatics center. ASA focuses on correct form and breathing before speed and it has paid off. We will be back next year and many years to come.  Big thanks to ASA ....Keep doing what you are doing! Awesome.

Jeff & Kathleen A

Coach Meg, I just wanted to let you know what a wonderful time Lily had at Camp H2O over spring break. It was her first real camp experience and I was super excited for her to have that in your swim program at ASA. You have been a phenomenal coach for the past year and half building not only Lily's swimming skills but her confidence. I was very impressed with the quality of the program you put together and how you were able to incorporate themes and craft activities along with providing a safe and fun swimming environment. Your parent communication skills are also really appreciated. I loved getting your welcome letter talking about the theme and projects. It was super creative and helped me pry out of Lily all that she did each day. Thanks for answering all our questions and keeping a watchful eye on Lily. We can't wait for summer camp!

Jennifer M

My husband and I have been so impressed with the quality of instruction that our daughter has received over the past eleven months. She is confident and comfortable in the water, even at the young age of 2. Each week, she looks forward to swim lessons with her instructor and her classmates and is so proud to show off her new skills. She even "practices" in the bathtub - complete with singing the songs from class and counting to ten for "sleeping alligator." We are so thrilled with the top-notch quality of instruction at Atlanta Swim Academy and infinite amount of patience that the instructor has provided and are looking forward to many more lessons in her class.

Julie A

My daughter has been swimming at ASA from the age of 5 and is 10 year old. She has grown to love the coaches, staff and facility. Atlanta Swim Academy have done a fantastic job in keeping young swimmers enthusiastic, and giving each swimmer new challenges, and the room to grow into the sport. No matter what level you start at the sky is the limit with this wonderful swimming facility, and the people who run it.

Karen S

Our 12 year old daughter has been swimming at ASA for 2 years. We had tried other local programs, but this one is the right one for us. It has just the right mix of competition, learning, and fun. My daughter has made new friends, grown in her skills, and truly enjoys being part of this team. As a mom, I love the responsive coaches, the flexible swim time options, the shorter ASA-only Home Meets, and the comfortable indoor pool environment. We highly recommend the ASA Swim Team and will be back next year!

Kim G

We enrolled our four year old son at Atlanta Swim Academy in May and we have been so impressed with the progress he has made in just a couple of months. I think your program is top notch and I am so pleased with the professionalism and caring of your staff. my son's teacher is Matt Rinehart and my son adores him and, most importantly, listens to him.

I am writing to let you know of the impact Atlanta Swim Academy has made on my family. We were on our family vacation last week and were visiting relatives who had a beach house with a pool. In the commotion of seeing family members we haven't seen in years and getting the kids rounded up to go to our own beach house, no one had noticed that my son had fallen into the pool with no life vest on. Luckily, my sister-in-law saw him and brought him to safety. I can't get the image out of my head seeing him in the middle of the pool kicking and paddling his heart out and keeping his head above water. I am 100% sure that his swim lessons taught him the strength, knowledge and confidence to keep above water until someone got him. I am 100% sure his swim lessons saved his live.

Thank you for your program and thank you for employing people like Matt.

Lara P

I can't thank ASA enough for providing my family with confidence & skills... The staff at ASA is fabulous. From the front office to the swim instructors, they attend to your needs quickly and accurately with incredible dedication. They can take a screaming toddler into their arms and help them feel comfortable enough to become a great swimmer.

Lisa P

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