I just wanted to send an email to say thank you for all the wonderful work, Cheyenne, has done with our daughter. Cheyenne has grown to become an incredible leader and teacher over the last few months and we are excited to move our daughter up in levels to guppies with her too. We are also really excited to start in shrimps with our 6 month old under Cheyenne's guidance. Have a merry x-mas and a very happy new year.

Martin S

"My son has been in your group classes and most recently has been taking private lessons from Trent. Trent is, by far, our favorite instructor. He has a great disposition with children and really balances fun with pushing my child to learn and do more. His schedule changed a couple months ago and he worked with us to ensure that we could stay on his schedule. My husband noticed recently that Trent was employee of the month and we were so pleased. We really hope Trent is still available when we come back after our holiday break!"


After developing a love for swimming on our summer neighborhood team, our daughter joined the ASA Swim Team 2 years ago. Through consistent technical instruction and positive individual encouragement, her coaches have helped her to set and continue to climb ever higher toward her goals. Although she has always excelled in one specific area of swimming, they continue to show her how to improve and see success in every stroke. We believe one of the things that sets this program apart from the other clubs is the individual attention each swimmer receives and the recognition that they are children who respond better when they also have fun! Instead of "getting burned out", our daughter's love of swimming just continues to grow! We will always be grateful to the ASA swim coaches for the excellent influence they have had and continue to have on our daughter's life. Thanks so much!

Miriam D

"Our child has been a student these last months. We wanted to let you know our instructor did a great job with our child. She motivated him and made his swim class fun. We've stopped classes this month, but he will start again after the holidays. We hope to join our instructor again soon, she is great."

Myriam Q & Curtis F

DrillingMembers since 2002

"We started swimming here when the kids were young. They made it fun for the kids while also teaching them how to swim. As a parent this made me feel better when we were around a pool. Fast forward many years and my daughter who loves swimming, joined the swim team. Its great exercise, stress release, and wears her out so she sleeps well at night."

Paul & Hannah D.

We took our children for swimming lessons at Atlanta Swim Academy in order to give them water confidence and to begin the learning process for swimming at an early age. They all started their lessons at the age of 3 and only three months later were already very confident in the pool. Atlanta Swim Academy has taught my children to become proficient at swimming and did so using methods that were very child friendly. The coaching staff is brilliant, dedicated and more importantly extremely patient. We are big fans of Atlanta Swim Academy!

Paulo & Natercia M

Members since 2010, Group/Private Lessons & Swim TeamPlog

"When we moved here from New Jersey 3 years ago our youngest son, Hayden, did not know how to swim. We are a water family and every attempt to get Hayden into the water failed. When we found ASA it was our last try. Hayden just loved coming here. He had fun in the water with the instructors and after only 1 year of actual swimming, he was begging us to be on the swim team. When he turned 6 he started swim team. He's here all the time now and just loves it. Thank you ASA for not only teaching him how to swim, but also giving him a love for competitive swimming."

The Plog Family

Good Morning, I just wanted to let you know how much we appreciated Coach Trent! He has helped my "hesitant flounder" really enjoy the water and get over his anxiety. Coach Trent lets the kids have fun while also accomplishing the swim goals. Thanks!

Rachel M

Wanted to share our feedback regarding Jared and the amazing job he has done with our 6yr old son, Rohan. Rohan, as you know, hit a roadblock with swimming and could not overcome his fear of deep water in spite of several attempts by many of the best coaches at ASA. We were concerned at that time thinking if Rohan could ever overcome his fear.

Today, Rohan is a transformed swimmer and wants to jump into the deep end with glee. Without doubt the credit for the transformation goes to Jared. He is a phenomenal coach with immense patience. He stuck with Rohan all the way and was calm and yet stern with Rohan when needed. Rohan adores Jared and thoroughly enjoys swimming all because of him. We are now strong supporters of ASA and continue to share the great job Jared and the rest of the academy does in teach swimming to kids.

Raj + Mona

The staff at Atlanta Swim Academy is exceptional. They primarily have the swimmers' best interests in mind. The creative coaches have a knack of calming the most anxious swimmer with fun distractions and games. They also have the talent to prepare swimmers for a life long love of swimming whether that would be for swim team or just puttering around the neighborhood pool. The administrative staff supervises the facility smoothly whether it be scheduling lessons or birthday parties. I have had four children benefit from their experiences at ASA and would rate it a ten!!?

Robin W

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