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Group and Private Swim Lessons


Year-round lessons at Atlanta Swim Academy assist in the overall development of children by reinforcing critical safety skills that will last a lifetime, improves self-esteem and confidence by overcoming fears and achieving goals, and develops gross motor skill and coordination in all children, especially infants. Choose from small group lessons, private, or semi-private lessons. Additionally, we have a FREE 3-5 month old Baby Splash program and discounted private lessons during some school holidays.

Group Lesson Rates

lessons offered.  Call for availability.
1 Swimmer: $50.00 per class
2 Swimmers: $35.00/student/class
$35 Annual Registration Fee
30 minutes: $17.00 per class
60 minutes (Adults 13+): $30 per class

Registering for Group Lessons
1. Decide your level.
2. Choose your day/time from our schedule of classes.
3. Your instructor will recommend next level when ready. Request a Progress Report anytime.

Registering for Private Lessons

1. Call for availability.
2. After we verify an available time, we will email you a link to the registration form or you can access it here


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FREE Baby Splash Class


Absolutely FREE weekly class for babies 3-5 months old building safety, confidence and coordination with parent and instructor in water. Join one of our classes and attend weekly until your baby turns 6 months old. At 6 months old, you can join our Shrimps class to continue the fun.

Check Availability to register or join the wait list. Once you are confirmed in your class, remember to bring 2 towels, parent swimsuit and cloth reusable swim diaper for baby. Please note that skipping two consecutive classes without prior notifaction may forfeit your reservation in Baby Splash without notice.

Take a look at how cute the class is!

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How do I know which group class level is best for my swimmer?
We have 12 different levels in our swim program. To determine your swimmer’s placement based click here for more information about our class levels.

How do I know which instructor is right for my swimmer?
Our instructors have a variety of teaching styles and approaches to teaching swimming. We will be happy to help you find the best fit for your swimmer. Please call or stop in to our retail store to assist you in selecting an instructor that will help you achieve your goals and take a look at our staff page.

Do you have classes for children with special needs?
If you have a swimmer with special needs, we would love to help you determine if group or private lessons is the best fit for your swimmer’s goals. Many of our instructors have experience working with individuals who have special needs (PPD, Asperger’s/Spectrum Diagnosis, Downs Syndrome, Intellectual Disabilities, Speech Delay, Low Muscle Tone, and many others.) Please call or stop in for assistance in selecting the best learn to swim environment for your swimmer.

What equipment is needed or recommended?
We provide back floats, noodles, kickboards, and pool toys for all students during their lesson. Swimmers in Otters, Triggerfish, Sea Lions, Manta Rays, Dolphins and Reef Sharks will need their own swim training fins. Diving fins or recreational fins are not recommended. Stop in our store to have your swimmer fitted for their fins. Manta Rays, Dolphins and Reef Sharks may also purchase pull buoys. Please check with your instructor for needed equipment.

How do I get in touch with my swimmer’s instructor/coach?
All classes begin and end promptly at their designated time. We ask that parents and students not interrupt instructors while they are teaching; however, you may leave them a message at the swim counter. Additionally, a Swim Program Manager is available during lessons to assist parents and swimmers with general and specific questions.

Since ASA does not have sessions, how will I know when my swimmer has completed required skills?
Our classes are ongoing, allowing swimmers to progress at their own pace. Your instructor will recommend the next swim level when your swimmer is ready. Additionally, you may request a progress report anytime.

What if we need to change the day and/or time of our class?
You may choose another class for the same level at any time, as long as the class is available. Review our online calendar and call or email us to request a class move. Call us at 770-973-3120 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

What are the registration fees?
There is a $35 yearly registration fee for the first two family members. Your registration fee is payed at the time of registration. Your annual registration fee will be due again at the same time your next year.

How do I pay tuition?
Our lessons are ongoing; we do not do “sessions.” Payment for your first month is collected at the time of registration and then through a monthly direct debit, on the 1st of each month.

If I miss a class, do I lose my spot?
No, you choose your day/time from our schedule of classes. That day and time is for your swimmer until you decide to take a break, you move to another day/time or your student graduates to another level.

Do I get credit for classes that I missed?
Swimmers in GROUP lessons are permitted 2 make up classes in a 6 month period for any missed lessons. Make up lessons must be scheduled on the phone or in person AFTER missed class and within two weeks of the absence. Swimmers in PRIVATE lessons, may request credit for a missed lesson up to 2 times in a 6 month period.

How do I permanently withdraw my lesson?
You must give us a 30-day notice before your last GROUP lesson, or 7 days for your last PRIVATE lesson. This allows us to put an end date on the class and opens the class for other students.

What are your retail store hours?
We are open Monday - Friday 10am to 7pm and Saturday & Sunday 9am to 5pm. Swim lessons may start earlier and may end later than retail business hours.

Do you have open swim times where my children can practice when they are not in lessons?
Nothing offered at this time, everything is lesson based.

Do you ever close for inclement weather?
We rarely close due to inclement weather. We may pull swimmers out of the water when lightning is very near, but usually we have everyone stay in the swim hallway until it is deemed safe to resume classes. If we do cancel classes, we will have an automated message on our phone system to notify callers of class cancellations, so please call before you drive if you are unsure.

If I do not need to check-in for lessons, how do I know where my class will be held?
We have 3 indoor heated pools and make every effort for classes to be assigned to the same pool each week. Daily class rolls and assignments are posted on the large white board, just outside of Classroom 1. Stop at the board as you enter to confirm your pool assignment. If you have questions, our retail store staff will be happy to assist you.

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