Swim Team 2017-2018


Swim Team at ASA is a high level competitive swim program that is designed to take any swimmer from a novice athletes and turn them into a champion. We design our groups and season plan in order to prepare every swimmer for a high level of competition.

Swim Team members are expected to participate in swim meets, we schedule 1-2 per month. We believe that by training for competition, Swim Team members will learn and accomplish many things:

  • They will learn to set short term and long term goals.
  • They will build fitness and strength.
  • They will learn to appreciate the value of hard work.
  • They will learn to celebrate successes and to grow from failures.
  • They will form strong bonds with their teammates and form friendships that last a lifetime. 

Our swimmers participate in challenging swim practices that are designed to improve power, endurance, and stroke technique. Our dry-land program is complimentary to our water work, and this is where we build on full body strength and endurance, stability and injury-prevention exercises, and sports nutrition.

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Groups are separated based on specific skill and speed standards. For placement we require a swimmer to be assessed by one of our coaches. Please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 770-973-3120 to schedule an assessment. Assessments valid for 3 weeks from assessment date.

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Store Hours

Monday - Friday 10am-7pm

Saturday and Sunday 9am-5pm

Holiday Schedules

(No regular lessons)

Easter April 1st 2018 (closed)

Memorial Day Weekend 2018 May 26-28 (closed)

July 4th 2018 (closed)

Labor Day 2018 Sept 1-3 (closed)

Thanksgiving 2018 Nov 22-25 (closed)

December 24 - January 1 2018 Programs (closed 24,25,29,30,31,1)