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"Since ASA has been a part of my daughter's life, she has gained a lot of confidence in the water. The coaches are excellent and very well qualified. ASA rocks! :)"

Swim Parent

What I have Learned From Coach Owen (A School Essay)

Did you know that baby otters actually need to be taught how to swim? So do humans, as a matter of fact. Having a great coach is the ONLY way to become an expert swimmer! Being an excellent student is the ONLY way to learn how to swim well.

Coach Owen is one of my favorite swim instructors. He has taught me many swim strokes, and he believes in me. I am trying to become a better student to my Coach. I am going to share with you a few strokes and kicks that Coach Owen taught me!

First, Coach taught me how to know when I am close to the wall. If you are doing something on your back, look up, then when you see the flags put one arm out. I learned that I am about 6 strokes away from the wall when I see the flags. This is based on my own strokes. If you are face down in the water, you know you are getting close to the wall when you are side breathing, and you see the white meet the red.

Next is Freestyle – Extend your right hand in front of your arm straight out, palm facing down and fingers tightly together. Next, kick off with both feet from the wall. With your face in the water, push the water back with your right hand. At the same time, extend your left arm forward, palm facing down, fingers tight together, and repeat the motion with your left arm and hand. You will need to breathe at some point. After at least two strokes, you can breathe by turning your head to the side – left if your right arm is straight, or turn your head to the right if your left arm is straight. Take a breath in, and then put your face back in the water. Breathe out before you breathe in.

The "Dolphin Kick" is my favorite– Get on your front side, eyes in the water. Next, get a kick off from the wall; then, start kicking like your feet are "one". Kick both feet at the same time, like a dolphin. Your arms stay at your side the whole time. When you need to breathe, you lift your body up out of the water – no hands – take a deep breath and go back down under. This is the easiest stroke for me; it is a lot of fun!

My coach can dive like a flying bird! Then, swoosh into the water! I wish I could do that; it was really fun watching him do a dive.

Anyone can learn how to swim. I want to learn how to swim very well. I can be a better student for my coaches by listening to them. I hope I can learn how to dive the proper way.

I will end with a joke: Why don't traffic lights ever go swimming? Because they take too long changing! The End!

Adam N. (11 Year Old Student at ASA)

I originally signed my oldest daughter up with ASA because it came highly recommended by a friend and I was not disappointed. Three years later and both of my children are still taking lessons there and progressing at a good pace. They are learning not only how to swim correctly and safely but to enjoy the water as well. They both started lessons terrified and due to the patience and hard work of the swim instructors they no longer fear the water and look forward to attending lessons. I have been amazed watching my children become more confident in their skills and how excited they are to learn new skills. As a parent, I have complete faith and trust in the instructors. The staff at ASA is exceptional and extremely personable. I honestly can not imagine taking my children anywhere else to learn how to swim.

Amanda R

My son Avi swims at ASA and has been swimming for the last 3 years. Due to a medical condition, Avi cannot play contact sports and swimming will keep him healthy. The Coaches at ASA have been aligned with my vision for his progression in swimming without burnout. They have worked with us and accommodated him in every aspect. Avi enjoys ASA and usually goes in and comes out of the pool with a smile. We are treated like family.

Anisa D

Just wanted to let you know my child (age 4) is really happy about swim and I wanted to thank you for giving her such a positive start. This was her first week and I'm amazed she was in the water without a floaty. She was so excited to show me her "moves" on the couch last night, pretending it was the pool. Have great weekends and she'll see you next week!


I just wanted to let you know how happy I am with Atlanta Swim Academy and with Coach David. My girls had their 1st lesson with David yesterday and he blew me away. He was wonderful with my girls. They had SO much fun and already learned a lot!

Beth S.


"The coaches at ASA are wonderful and have been an important part of Olivia's life since 2011 She looks up to her coaches and they continue to help her set and accomplish goals. We look forward to many years of Olivia continuing to improve at ASA."

Becky & Olivia B.

Atlanta Swim Academy has been a wonderful and fulfilling experience. Our children suffered from chronic ear infections early in life and were not exposed to swimming until age four. After enrolling Jacob into summer camp, we were able to see dramatic improvements after just two weeks. Jacob now has the confidence to swim on his own. Currently, we have both our children enrolled in ongoing swim lessons, and they continue to improve weekly. I am thankful Atlanta Swim Academy have these year round indoor programs. Most importantly, the staff is welcoming and personable; we are treated like one of the family.

Beth and Dave J

ASA has done an awesome job! Our child has made such a dramatic improvement this year!

Beth M

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