The safety of our students is always our number one priority- in or out of the pool. Click here for more information on our updated health and safety protocols.
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ASA Pool Rules

To keep it safe and fun for everyone...
Read our "Rules to Live By" at Atlanta Swim Academy

If you have any questions about these rules or the reasoning behind them,
please feel free to call us at 770-973-3120.

1. No food or drinks are allowed in the pool area or locker rooms. This is a Cobb county regulation.

2. A student should not eat a minimum of 1 hour prior to their swim lesson. Swim lessons are a physical activity and eating before exercising is never recommended.

3. Parents and adults are responsible for the supervision and safety of minor children and their guests.

4. We have a 2 student minimum to run a class. Management reserves the right to cancel a class if only one child is registered. In the event that you are the only student in a class, we will contact you about other class options.

5. Parents are responsible for getting their children to their classes and instructor. Please use our Check-In Kiosks as you enter the building as class instructor and pool area is subject to change.

6. Parents are not allowed to interrupt swim lessons. If you would like to get information to a swim instructor, please see the supervisor on deck, or submit a progress report request if you are curious about how your child is doing. This is necessary to keep all swim classes on schedule.

7. No females in the boy’s locker room, no males in the girl’s locker room. We have family changing rooms and unisex bathrooms located throughout the facility. We do not allow public nudity in the building.

8. No running, rough-housing, or horseplay anywhere in the building – ever.

9. As a precaution we may clear all pools of swimmers during thunderstorm activity. It is at our discretion whether or not we pull lessons out of the water until the weather has cleared. Our rule is: If we hear and see it, we must stop until clear. Our pool is triple grounded for extra safety, but we must still err on the side of caution. We cannot predict the weather, so your cooperation is expected and greatly appreciated.

10. We have zero tolerance for aggressive behavior during swim lessons. Aggressive behavior towards other swimmers will result in immediate removal from the pool and from that lesson. Persistent behavioral problems will result in removal from the swim program.

11. In the case of inclement weather, swim lesson cancelations will be at our discretion. We will have a message on our phone system regarding canceled lessons and we will post on Facebook, so if you’re unsure, please call and check before you drive. We will offer makeups for any closure due to inclement weather.

12. It is our expectation that you will report any unsafe conditions or situations in our facility to us immediately. We are a safe, efficient facility where children enjoy learning to swim. Please help us maintain the highest level of excellence by following our rules. THANK YOU!

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